Red Wing – A look inside

“Set in a small Texas town in present day. It reminds us of how love can beRW_Final_200dpi_Rev8-693x1024
 found in the most unusual places. “Red Wing” follows the troubled journey of an
 orphan boy into manhood. Despite all odds, when confronted with the ill-will of
others, he maintains honor and integrity. We learn that if we let it, love takes
over and finds its way.”- Red Wing

April 2013  –  White Rhino Digital was called upon by Producer Mark Rickard to assist
in the Post-Production of Red Wing by creating some very subtle and invisible visual effects for the film , helping enhance the story and fill in some continuity gaps.   In the end we worked on 18 shots for the film- shot outside Austin Texas, check out what Producer Mark Rickard had to say about working with us:

What is the story premise of the film?
(Mark Rickard) RED WING is a Romantic-Drama based on a 19th century French novella by Georges Sand, adapted to present-day in a small Texas town.  It stars Glen Powell, Breann Johnson, Bill Paxton, Luke Perry, Frances Fisher and Joelle Carter.  It was directed by Will Wallace, and Executive Produced by Terrence Malick, Edward R. Pressman and Patricia L. Carpenter.  I am one of the Producers.

What was it like working with White Rhino Digital ?
Considering how difficult we made it for you by not enlisting you until post-production, I thought it was a very pleasurable and professional experience, and the results were stellar.  People always comment on what (White Rhino was) able to accomplish.
in your opinion, how do you feel about boutiques like white rhino  in the industry that make themselves available for independent film makers ?  I feel really good about it.  As long as the work is on par with what comes out of a bigger outfit, it’s actually my preference.  Furthermore, the personal attention paid to details, and the less inflated costs make it a more attractive option (for me) all around.  I think this is the future of filmmaking to a large extent.

Is a plus or minus that we (white rhino) are not located in the Whole LA scene?
For me, there really isn’t a downside.  I can see how a more “hands-on” producer (aka, micromanager) would feel a disconnect.  But—given that we communicated effectively on a regular basis, and that you were always willing to go back in and tweak things as needed—I really didn’t perceive a difference in workflow.  Fact is, on a low-budget film there are a number of different tasks and departments for a producer to worry about at any time, so I prefer to leave people with instructions and the space to carry them out in peace.

We are very proud of the work we did – see the reel breakdown below !


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