Roman Soldiers & Zombies =/ ……=D

July 2013 we had the great experience working with Director Rick.Greenwood  & Writer/Producer Collin Watts on their new film The Wretched.

Synopsis:  “395 A.D. Roman Centurion Markus Valerius leads a rag-tag outpost of soldiers in the isolated Germanic Black Forest that has come under attack by a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians inflicted with a horrendous virus that reanimates the dead into ravenous bloodthirsty beings known as the WRETCHED. One last tour for Rome, one last dangerous post to retire…but fate has other plans. Escape is no longer an option… it’s Kill of be Killed”

Although they shot many things practically on set, there were a few shots that needed enhancement , White Rhino stepped in =D to help

In the VFX video below you’ll see some of the challenges the production faced and how White Rhino Digital solved the problems.


In This  video below , see how White Rhino AMPED up the goriness by enhancing the practical blood on set by combing some digital blood


As always keep fighting those zombies out there,
look both ways before crossing the road,
and Call your friends at White Rhino To help on your film

Daniel Saldivar

"Unlimited Potential"