The Brick House

Back in October We teamed up with POCKET FULL OF ALL STARS a Production company based out of Miami Florida, on their latest film production,
“THE BRICK HOUSE”, a modern day adaptation of the three little pigs (TRAILER HERE)

White Rhino worked on two visual effects shots for the film:

Here is what Director Gustavo Cervantes had to say about our process of taking the practical fx shot on location in Oklahoma and combing them with our digital work and composites.

“During filming, we’d done a ton of prep work to make sure our opening shot started the film with a bang. It was a house fire that took a lot of hours of lighting and set-dressing to prepare the plate shots for, so we knew we’d want some talented hands onboard to complete the effect.

Luckily we came across White Rhino Digital; with a film background of their own to compliment their great visual effects skills, they were definitely the right choice. They had a very good understanding of our vision, which in the end was the key driver for the results that we were so happy with.

Selling the house fire effect realistically was a must since it’s one of the first things you see in the film. White Rhino took a very smart, investigative approach to creating our effects, researching real-world references to bring into their work, and I think that definitely shows in the quality of the product. Their work really helped to push the shot to where I always wanted it to be.

Boutique effects shops like this that are willing to work with the small budgets and big ambitions of independent filmmakers are a godsend, and I’m glad I had the chance to team with them.”

Here is a shot breakdown for the work White Rhino Digital Delivered                             (watch in HD for best results)


White Rhino Digital is so pleased to have been apart of this great project, and we wish our friends at Pocket Full of All stars the very best with their production as it hits festivals .

for more information check them out at

thank you again for your support of WRD

-Daniel Saldivar
"Unlimited Potential"