White Rhino International?!

White Rhino Digital Is Pleased to announce that it has officially gone international !!

White Rhino Digital was recently asked to do some emergency visual effects clean up on a WWII Era short film from the United Kingdom entitled “The Knights Cross” by Director Tom Lancaster from Over Hang Productions.

White Rhino digital was ready to answer the call!  Director Tom Lancaster :
When I lost my compositor with the delivery deadline less than 24 hours away and none of the work done, I needed someone to grab hold of the project and dig me out of a hole fast. From the first time I spoke to Daniel, over 5000 miles away in Texas, I knew I was in safe hands. Daniel was even more keen than I was to get the files over to him, and despite the pain of transferring 2k Red files over the internet, the 6 hour time difference and an overnighter for Daniel, I woke up the next morning to find the work done to an incredibly high standard“.-Tom Lancaster

White Rhino Digital had eight shots in total to work on – Below are three.

click on the pics below

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White Rhino digital has always pushed to be innovative and creative; part of our philosophy  we continue to believe and push for “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!” Remote Work is part of that answer, it is the new form of business in today’s marketplace. Using the internet to connect people from all over the globe and make things happen.

“I love spreading the net, and collating talent from all over the world, and if the best person for the job happens to be on the other side of the ocean, so be it!
Overall, The Knight’s Cross has been a massive success so far, and I have high hopes for what it will achieve.” Tom Lancaster- Director

We will continue to keep you updated on the success of  THE KNIGHTS CROSS in film festivals and its online release. White Rhino Digital is so pleased to have been apart of this project, and  we are excited to continue to reach new places and build new relationships with clients both local and across the globe. We believe our best work is ahead and only a click away.

For More information on Tom and Over Hang Productions follow their website or twitter

thank you all for your support

Daniel Saldivar

White Rhino Digital

"Unlimited Potential"