National TV Debut- MSNBC Interview


Woo! Ok, So back in the summer of  2007 I made this video during summer break, one of those boring days doing nothing, I shot the video and began to worked on it, posted it on youtube and a lot of people enjoyed it.

Fast forward a few years:  October 2011, I get an email, stating some producers at  MSNBC liked this video I had made, can they use it for this episode and would I be interested in an interview. So naturally I said, “Would I ?!!” and  I went up to Austin to shoot this interview. Here we are in January,  and the episode is finally airing. Its a lot of fun and  just cool.

This is the edited version of my section i made , check your local listings or dvr lol


Who Knew A Day of being bored and doing something about it would pay off =)

making San Antonio Proud (mom and dad too )

the original video here on youtube!


"Unlimited Potential"